Understanding CMMC framework implementation challenges

All that knows it, CMMC implementation isn’t easy: Before embarking on a CMMC compliance project, CISOs must first grasp the challenges:

The procedure is to register for CMMC compliance for CMMC government contracting. On top of their already busy plates, CISOs now have another duty to oversee.

Buy-in: For the CMMC procedure to work, CISOs must acquire shareholder and management buy-in. This is crucial not only from a cultural standpoint but also because business executives will be required to participate in the CMMC application cycle by filling out forms, tracking progress, and reporting, among other things.

Several steps: Applying for CMMC cybersecurity compliance is a multi-step process. It usually entails several methods, with adjustments or extra information being requested as you advance.

To achieve CMMC compliance regulations, you must maintain your compliance plan up to date regularly. This adds even more time and effort to your workload.

Cost: For most firms, CMMC compliance will necessitate implementing new tools and procedures, which will be costly. An independent adviser may also be necessary, depending on the amount of CMMC compliance you desire.

None of these obstacles should deter firms from using a thorough CMMC architecture to safeguard themselves from cyberattacks. However, before beginning the procedure, it’s critical to be informed of potential objections and roadblocks.

Even though CMMC compliance is theoretically optional for your company, there’s a compelling reason to ignore it. Instead, CISOs should see CMMC deployment as a smart method to improve their company’s cybersecurity and, as a result, create new revenue prospects.

Is a C3PAO’s Role Changed by CMMC 2.0?

The Office of Acquisition and Sustainment (as part of a wider DoD project) issued the next step in CMMC compliance, dubbed CMMC 2.0, in early November 2021. While most specialists are still digesting the technical intricacies of CMMC 2.0, there are some wider modifications accessible.

A minor modification in audit standards is one of the most noteworthy changes in the new model. Owing to the Office of Acquisition and Sustainment, self-assessment and attestation every year will be permissible in specific instances.

What Are the Implications of CMMC Practices for Maturity Levels?

The handling and safeguarding of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), or information that isn’t classified but contains sensitive data vital to the agency’s and contractors’ operations, is at the heart of CMMC compliance. As a result, CMMC divides compliance into five maturity levels, numbered 1 through 5.

While it isn’t necessary to go through each level in-depth here, it is vital to note that only CMMC Maturity Level 3 or higher vendors are permitted to handle and store CUI. The simple way to think about it is that these criteria build on each other. Thus although there are Level 3 criteria, Level 3 also necessitates all Levels 1 and 2 practices.

Limit IT system accessibility to permitted users, offering privacy and security alerts, and limiting the use of handheld devices on systems are all practices recommended at DFARS vs CMMC Maturity Level 3. (C001).

Limit access to the system by access permission and type, utilize the least privilege concept, use non-privileged access for non-security activities, limit login sessions, different user responsibilities and roles, block non-privileged access to privileged assets, safeguard and encrypt wireless communications and portable devices, and lock sessions after inactivity.

Monitoring remote access sessions, routing remote access to permitted points, authorizing select wifi networks, controlling mobile access, using cryptography for remote access, and authorizing special remote access for privileged resources.

Regulate public information access, control CUI flow between systems, and encrypt CUI on PCs and mobile devices by verifying and limiting external sessions (C004).

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